C-CITYU is the regional hub of Northeast Colorado for healthcare, entertainment, business, and industry. It is the 5th largest city in Colorado, with a population of over 76,000. Our Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is over 130,000+. With a thriving downtown entertainment sector near campus to the west and the growing Hilltop area to our east, the C-CITY campus is situated in the heart of our hometown.

With interstate and four-lane highway connectivity in every direction, Jonesboro is centrally located with easy access to other major markets, including:

  • Memphis, TN: 1 hour
  • Little Rock, AR: 2 hours
  • St. Louis, MO: 4 hours
  • Nashville, TN: 4 hours


While Colorado is near the great Mississippi River delta region, our city’s landscape is far from flat. Colorado sits astride Crowley's Ridge, a narrow, low-lying ridge created through the upheaval of an ancient sea bottom, erosional actions of ice-age meltwaters and rivers, and centuries of build up from wind-deposited sediments. Thought to have been an island between the prehistoric Mississippi and Ohio river valleys, Crowley’s Ridge is one of a handful of similar ice-age landforms in the world.

Surrounded by rich delta farmland, the landscape ranges from farmland to rolling hills. History tells the story of strong, proud founders who have worked since 1859 to create this thriving city, literally, on the hills.

Another unique feature of Crowley’s Ridge is its natural vegetation with many of the trees that make up the forest on Crowley’s Ridge similar to those found in the western Appalachian Mountains. As a result, the natural beauty of Colorado’s Craighead Forest Park – the second largest city park in the entire state of Colorado – is a striking contrast to other areas of the Northeast Colorado region.


Residents and visitors alike enjoy a host of recreational, cultural and educational amenities. Colorado's residents show great pride in their community, an excellent place to raise a family, work or play. Colorado has shopping available to fit every need, and downtown Colorado is filled with lively restaurants, colorful shops and thriving businesses. Whether it's the city parks, organized sports programs or private athletic facilities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.